My AC Unit Won’t Turn On What Do I Do?

Cleaning air conditioning coils

Air conditioning problems are annoying enough, especially during the hot months of summer. But it gets even more frustrating when your AC unit wont turn on at all. Understanding common reasons why your AC unit wont turn on is the best way to make sure you get the air conditioning repair you need.

One of the most common culprits when your AC unit wont turn on is the wiring, either inside the unit or running from your unit to an outlet. When this wiring goes, your air conditioner is likely to go as well. To isolate the problem and determine whether the wiring is at fault, check the breakers in your power box to make sure they’re all functioning properly, and try plugging something else into your outlets to see if they work. If the unit still won’t turn on, the problem is with your AC system.

Ice buildup on the condenser coils or in other areas of your unit can also cause your air conditioner not to turn on. It may also prevent air from cooling. Fixing air conditioners with ice buildup is often as simple as thawing and removing the ice.

Faulty motors may be more problematic. A bad motor can cause your whole unit to shut down, and when this happens, you’ll have to decide whether to repair or replace the unit. If it’s your compressor that’s faulty, you can usually just clean it to restore it to working condition.

Dirty HVAC air filters, condensers or evaporators can shut down your AC unit as well. Having residential HVAC contractors come by to service your unit on a regular basis is a great way to keep dirt from building up and causing problems. You should also have them check refrigerant levels, since these can cause system shutdown if not maintained.

Lastly, check your thermostat. If you can’t turn your unit on with the thermostat but you can turn it on from the main unit, the thermostat is probably faulty.

Contact an HVAC contractor when your unit fails to get the problem resolved quickly and painlessly.

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