Why Solar Mounting and Racking Kits are Necessary with Solar Panels

Tracking systems

In today’s society that is fixated on “green” initiatives to help preserve and protect the environment, utilizing solar power is becoming increasingly popular in both commercial and residential locations. Solar power systems are an eco friendly alternative to conventional means of providing power to your home.

Solar panel systems can be found in companies all over, but the hardest job is the installation of these systems, since solar panels are installed differently in different geographic locations.

Solar racking and mounting are crucial to ensure that your solar panels work properly, so you either want to hire a professional or read on to learn about solar racking and mounting.

How Different Types of Solar Racking and Mounting Work:

  • Solar panel mounting systems not only hold the solar panels in place, but they also protect them from the outdoor elements. These mounting systems also help to regulate the heat beneath solar panels in order to ensure proper air circulation and to keep them cool.
  • There are many different kinds of solar panel mounting and racking systems. For instance, there are ground mounted solar power systems. These have solar modules held in place by racks attached to mounting supports on the ground.
  • In contrast, there are also roof-mounted solar power systems. These have solar modules held in place by frames attached to mounting supports on the roof.
  • If you have a composition or asphalt roof, the kind of solar panel mounting system that you want is going to be a classic composition mount, the most universally code-compliant mount.

If you have no experience with solar panel mounting, it is probaly a good idea to hire a professional. Many companies that offer solar panels themselves also have mounting kits and professionals who will install everything for you.

Many people are concerned about the price or solar panel racking or mounting kits, but they don’t actually have to empty out your wallet. In fact, The flex solar mounting solution is able to be installed for under $0.01/watt. That’s a great deal! Be sure to not only ask what kind of mounting system you should get, but definitely compare prices and services between companies to get the best bang for your buck.

If you have trouble finding a company in your area that can install your solar panels and mounting kit for you, be sure to hit the Internet to check out websites of the closest companies around. It may not be a quick 10 minute drive, but at least you’ll be able to find the services you need.

Have you had any experience working with solar panel racking or mounting kits? Tell us about it in the comments below!

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