Remodeling Your Bathroom On a Budget

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Redoing your bathroom for the first time presents a wide variety of options for you to consider. Not only do you have stylistic choices to mull over — color, texture, the kind of “look” you want — but you also have to focus on the practical aspects of your bathroom.

When deciding on the most practical features of your bathroom — the bathtub, toilet and sink — you do not want to sacrifice quality for price and nor should you have to. Here are some tips and tricks for finding great, affordable, functional bathroom equipment.

Updating Your Bathtub:

  • If you’re looking to revamp your bathtub, two popular upgrades are walk in bath tubs or soaking tubs.
  • Walk in bathtubs are generally intended for people who have limited mobility. They often come equipped with safety rails, seating and other safety features. These tubs allow users who were previously unable to bathe on their own without assistance to do so comfortably and safely. For those looking for handicapped showers or those with elderly individuals in the home, a walk in bathtub is a great idea.
  • For a more luxurious approach to bathing, try looking into a soaking tub. Not only are they ergonomically designed, but soaking tubs are significantly deeper than standard bathtubs This allows bathers fully immerse themselves in the water. If you want to come home after a long day’s work and relax in a bubble bath, this is the tub for you.

Updating Your Toilet:

  • Many people don’t realize just how much water a conventional toilet uses. A better pick for the environment — and for your home — is a pressure assisted toilet. These toilets may be a little pricier, but they undoubtedly do a better job of removing waste from the bowl with less water. These high quality products are well worth the investment

Updating Your Sink:

  • You have a little more freedom in creativity when it comes to updating your sink. Not only are there many shapes and sizes for sinks these days, but sink counter tops come in a variety of great colors, patterns and textures. You can go with a neutral grey or add a pop of blue to our bathroom — the choice is yours.
  • Many homes across the country are opting for bathroom double sink vanities. For those with children, this is a great way to stop squabbles over taking turns brushing teeth and getting ready in the morning. Bathroom double sink vanities also offer extra space in the form of extra cabinets. Explore your local home supply store and talk to workers about finding bathroom double sink vanities that may be right for your home.

Have you had any experiences remodeling your bathroom? Let us know in the comments below!

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