Put a Cork in It Cork Flooring is On the Rise

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While you’re researching new carpet prices and comparing them with the cost of hardwood floors, let your mind wander. There are other options, though perhaps less conventional, worthy of your consideration.
Cork has begun to see a sharp rise in popularity as a flooring option, and that’s in part due to it being considered a more environmentally friendly material.
Most of the cork used for flooring originates from bark off of an oak tree that’s found mainly in the Mediterranean and, apparently, only gets harvested by hand once each decade. After a drying period, wine corks are made form the dry bark, and the remainder gets boiled, ground and compressed for other purposes — including finishing the floors in your home.
One of the main reasons why cork flooring is considered a greener option is because the harvesting process does not halt the growth of the tree that produces it. Rather, the tree continues growing and producing well after the harvesting process, and is therefore considered “renewable.”
Additionally, cork is considered to be a recycled material. The harvesting of the bark that produces cork is performed mainly for the steady production of wine bottle corks, and the remaining materials might end up in a landfill if not used for other functions.
One other reason to consider cork flooring when you’re looking into new carpet prices is that it’s likely easier on the air quality in your home. It’s no secret that certain products and chemicals used in carpet production and installation will add themselves to the air in your home for a spell; this isn’t news and is considered fairly normal. But if it concerns you, cork flooring might be an alternative since many companies offering it are using it in conjunction with adhesives that are considered to have low levels of Volatile Organic Compounds (VOC).
New carpeting is always a delight, and installation of hardwood floors can add an elegant touch (although properly cleaning hardwood floors can be a challenge). Still, cork is a viable option that will set the look of your space apart while also boosting your green profile.
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