Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Efficiency of Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

Folks today have access to far more comfort than most enjoyed in the past. HVAC systems rank among the most important modern “marvels,” ensuring that folks now enjoy living and working in a comfortable environment with enough heat and air in their homes and offices. Yet while heating and cooling have come a long way over the years, it’s crucial to ensure the right HVAC configuration for keeping costs low.

Maintenance should be a top concern for property owners. The right HVAC maintenance procedures and services can help ensure that your AC system is running optimally. If an HVAC system is not well-maintained, it will likely lose efficiency over time. As a result, property owners may have to pay higher utility bills.

An HVAC services company can work with you to clean and maintain your heating and cooling system. The day will still come when the HVAC system needs to be replaced. However, maintenance can extend lifespans. An HVAC contractor can also help you upgrade existing systems, say by finding an opening for ventilation in a closed space to allow better airflow. They can also answer questions, like what is the minimum distance between fresh air intake and exhaust? Setting up vents properly can have a big impact on your HVAC system.

Updated 4/18/22.

Your air conditioning, heating appliances, and house ventilation are essential to your house. Air conditioning installation ensures that your home has a constant supply of fresh air. You could try installing the new heating and cooling unit with a central air conditioner with gas heat. The conditioner is environmentally friendly and uses the mechanism of evaporation to cool the air inside the house. Whether you opt for a partial air conditioning or central air conditioner, you need to find a high-quality system that lasts a long time. You can start by identifying the best HVAC installation companies. Such companies can give proper advice on the best designs due to their long history of working with such appliances.

You can also inquire about HVAC technician from a neighbor or someone who has their system installed. Such people can offer some insights into what conditioning your house needs. You will also need to install heating and cooling appliances in the house. Find the best company for installation and repair to avoid dangers that may arise with electrical connections. Ensure there is a proper ventilation system for oxygen supply in the house to prevent stuffiness or suffocation. HVAC plays a significant role during extreme temperatures as the seasons change. A suitable system should keep you warm through the winter and cool your summer.

As winter approaches and snow falls around your outdoor heating and air conditioning units, it will become even more important to maintain them. HVAC systems placed outdoors can work more efficiently if you take proper measures. Here are a few tips for keeping your outdoor units running efficiently:

  • Clean your outdoor condenser coils regularly. In order to do this, just turn off the unit and hose them down with a heavy-duty degreaser. This will allow your system to be more effective.
  • Pay attention when you’re mowing the lawn or using a weed whacker. Debris from either activity can reduce the efficiency of your unit. Grass clippings can block the coil, and the sharp debris from weed whacking can cut thermostat wires, flatten aluminum fins, damage the coil and even short the transformer. Sometimes it’s best to trim by hand around your outdoor unit.
  • Don’t place things like rolled up garden hoses, pool toys or landscaping equipment on top of the unit, especially if the fan is on top. This restricts the air flow and reduces efficiency.
  • Don’t go overboard using landscaping to hide your unit. It may not be the most attractive feature of your yard, but surrounding it with plants is only going to make things harder for HVAC contractors. Try to keep plants 18-30 inches away from the unit and avoid using prickly plants or expensive, exotic flowers that HVAC contractors will be forced to step around. Some HVAC contractors may even refuse to service your outdoor units if you surround them with plants.
  • If you decide to nix the shrubs, a border of crushed stones around your unit is often the best way you can combine landscaping and functionality. Excess liquid will drain easily, the unit won’t sink, and debris like grass and dirt will have a harder time finding their way inside.

Outdoor units are built to weather the elements, but taking the extra effort to maintain them well can make them more efficient and increase their lifespans.
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