HVAC Certifications: What You Should Look for in a Contractor

Your HVAC system is an important piece of equipment for your home or office. Any failure by the system can lead to discomfort, especially during winters and summers. Therefore, you want to ensure that your HVAC installation and repairs are only done by experts. But how do you identify the right contractors for the job? Knowing everything about HVAC is not enough. One of the easiest ways to verify their competency is to check their certifications. Before you make or receive ac calls, make sure you’re engaging with experts in the industry. Otherwise, you’ll spend more money repairing damage caused by incompetent contractors.

There are several certifications that a qualified HVAC contractor can have. When you are on the streets and see a label or poster that reads, “we fix air conditioning,” you can walk to the establishment and ask to see these certifications before you engage them for their services. These companies or contractors may also offer some free services, but this does not mean they’re quacks. A contractor that gives you a free AC service call can be competent or incompetent, but you can check on their certifications to confirm if they’re legit.

UPDATED 12/2/2020

The cost of annual AC maintenance isn’t especially high. Customers may spend about fifteen dollars on it every month. Some people might spend three hundred dollars a year on expert HVAC services, although all of these costs certainly vary. The annual costs actually range from one hundred and fifty dollars to four hundred and fifty dollars, which helps to demonstrate that there can be a lot of variables involved. On the very upper end, people may spend more than one thousand dollars on their air conditioning and heating systems in a year.

HVAC services can help people save money by giving them the chance to get HVAC tune-ups twice every year. Getting the systems thoroughly cleaned can make them much more efficient, and help improve a household’s indoor air quality. Some full service HVAC work can help people keep the financial costs associated with their furnace and air conditioning systems low. Individuals may save more than five hundred dollars in a given year. Their savings in a ten-year period could be twice as high. Problems involving the furnace or the air conditioning system can also be very frustrating to fix, since these systems are so important at almost any point throughout the year.

HVAC License

HVAC services

The quality of the HVAC contractors you hire has a direct impact on how well your HVAC systems operate. Well-maintained heating and air conditioning units can last from 12-15 years, but improper repair or installation can severely shorten that time frame.

Because of this, it’s very important to consider what HVAC certifications a contractor holds before employing them to work on your home.

Licensing requirements differ from state to state, so be sure to check your state requirements online to get more details. Usually, a license is proof that an HVAC contractor has received professional training.

  • NATE Certification
    Short for North American Technician Excellence, this HVAC certification is recognized and respected at a national level. Though it’s not required for technicians who work in heating and air conditioning to receive a Nate Certification, it does set them apart as experts in their field and requires a knowledge-based exam to earn.
  • Excellence Certification
    The HVAC Excellence Certification also recognizes prominent members of the industry. To qualify for this HVAC certification at the Professional level, contractors need two years of experience in the field and a passing score on a specialized exam. To achieve a Master Specialist certification, contractors need three years of experience and a passing score on a higher-level exam.
  • EPA 608 Certification
    This HVAC certification is now required by the Environmental Protection Agency for anyone who accesses a container or system that stores refrigerant. Without this certification, technicians can’t legally buy refrigerant to fix your systems. The EPA 608 Certification comes in several levels that determine what kind of products and refrigerants a technician can legally handle.

Checking the certifications that your technician holds is a great way to determine if they have the expertise to provide you with HVAC repair. You can find this information from online listings or by asking each technician for their credentials.

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