How to Find the Right Fastener for the Job

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Did you know that the nut, bolt, and screw industry in the United States is worth $27 billion in revenue? This is because fasteners have remained useful tools since the invention of screw threads in the 3rd Century BC. However, over the past 2,300 years, countless fastener sizes and varieties have become available, so you must follow three search criteria when choosing the correct fastener for the job.

Choose the Right Type of Fastener

Bolts, screws; what is the difference? While screws always have threads wrapped around a cylinder, bolts sometimes do not have threads, and they are typically used with nuts. Additionally, some fasteners are more suitable for specific jobs than others, such as high tensile steel bolts, which are used on objects that experience high stress because these fasteners are stronger than most bolts. As a rule of thumb, though, you must take certain criteria into consideration when choosing a specific type of fastener, such as the environment it will be exposed to and the amount of stress it will be under every day.

Choose the Correct Size

Not only do you need to consider the length and width of the fastener, but you must also take its pitch into consideration, as well. The pitch is the distance between the threads, which means if a screw has a low pitch, it will have more threads. Since some jobs require specific fastener sizes, you must always take the length, width, and pitch into consideration.

Choose a Suitable Fastener Supply Company

Once you have determined which size and type of fastener you need, it is important to find the best nut and bolt suppliers. Fortunately, there are more than 4,000 bolt and screw manufacturers in the United States, meaning it is possible to find at least one that carries everything you need. As a result, obtaining the right fastener is a cinch.

Choosing the correct fastener can sometimes be challenging, but not when you follow certain search criteria. In addition to selecting the right size and type of fastener, such as high tensile steel bolts, you must also find the best faster supply company, as well. By taking these search criteria into consideration, you will finally be able to find the right fastener for the job. For more about this, go here.

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