Five Common Myths About Laminate Flooring

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One of the best-looking, most durable wood floor covering options available is laminate flooring. Laminate is made up of several layers of veneer and very, very thick and durable paper pressed together and printed with a design, then finished with a very thick top coat. As a result of a few people here and there experiencing problems with their laminate wood floors, there are some myths going around about the product and its quality. This list should help clear up some of the most common myths about laminate hardwood floors.

  1. Laminate flooring is fake hardwood.
    Though most laminate flooring is made up of wood and wood fibers, it’s not accurate to say it’s “fake hardwood,” as laminate flooring does not claim to be wood at all, and can mimic other materials, aside from just wood.
  2. Laminate flooring is cheap.
    This is not necessarily true, as the pricing for laminate flooring varies greatly, depending on factors such as the technology used to create the finish, the core of the flooring, and the locking mechanism that keeps the flooring pieces together. But cheap laminate floors are likely too look cheap, as well.
  3. Laminate flooring is not durable.
    The best laminate floors have a better resistance to water and a higher tolerance to moisture than hardwood flooring. The flooring’s top finish is designed to withstand daily foot traffic, and also has UV protection to ensure the quality and endurance of the floor’s appearance. High quality laminate floors also have exceptional abrasion resistance.
  4. Laminate flooring is easy to install.
    While laminate flooring can be easier to install than other flooring materials, installing laminate wood floors does require a certain amount of skill, and of course tools that are definitely required to get a professional-looking result.
  5. Laminate flooring is noisy to walk on.
    While it is true that some laminate wood floors have a hollow sound when you walk over them, the correct underlayment for laminate floors can drastically reduce noise levels.

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