How Replacing Your Windows Can Help Your Home

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Did you know that the body makes vitamin D when the skin is directly exposed to sunlight? A significant amount of the average person’s vitamin D needs are met this way, giving this organic compound the nickname “the sunshine vitamin”. Therefore, if your home is dark and draft, you are not only living in a dreary environment but are also missing out on opportunities to increase your vitamin D intake.

Damaged, low quality, and poorly insulated windows can cause a number of problems inside a home. For example, in a typical one-story house, 15 to 22% of heat loss occurs through windows. This can be especially problematic in the winter, where poor quality windows can also cause drafts and reduce the already limited amount of light available. Unfortunately, a number of things can cause this window damage, including UV radiation, which is responsible for around 40 to 60% of damage to windows. For this reason, it is often necessary to invest in a house window replacement.

Before undergoing a house window replacement it is important to consider what you hope to accomplish with your new windows. Were the previous windows low quality, damaged, or poorly insulated? Did the previous style reduce the amount of light that could enter your house? Are you looking to change the appearance of the room or rooms in question? In the case of the latter, many homeowners choose to replace their windows with bay windows. Installing bay windows has a number of benefits: often chosen for their aesthetic appeal, they give a home’s exterior a clean, modern look while creating a feeling of additional space indoors. Bay windows also have panoramic views, which allows more natural light to enter from multiple angles. Often, a bay window installation costs more than other styles, but many feel that the benefits are worth the price.

In other situations, many people may be considering a house window replacement in order to repurpose certain areas of their home: for example, egress or escape windows are required by many building codes in order for any room to be used as a bedroom. Because of this, many homeowners install basement egress windows so that they can use their basement as additional living space. Unlike bay windows, the cost of egress basement windows typically depend on the style and other factors.

Installing the right windows can create a number of positive effects in your home, from increased natural light, beautiful views, better ventilation and inside temperatures, and improved security, making your house both beautiful and comfortable. And with the drafts and insulation problems solved, your home’s energy performance will likely improve. See how a house window replacement can help your home: contact a window installation company today. Check out this website for more:

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