Are You Prepared for the Next Power Outage?

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We rely on electricity for many aspects of our daily life. From lighting up our houses in the dark to keeping our precious cellphones charged, electricity, in many ways, powers our lives. So what happens when we lose that power? In the United States, there are approximately 143,275,635 electricity consumers, according to CNN. Of those, nearly 500,000 suffer from power outages everyday. While this keeps the electrical contractor industry busy, it leaves the rest of us in the dark. A power outage can happen at any time, even when there are not severe storms in your area. To make sure you’re prepared the next time the power goes out, follow this advice:

  1. Backup Power Generators – A home power generator can keep your home running, even when the power goes out. This means every room will continue to function normally, keeping you and your family comfortable during a power outage. An electrical contractor can send an electrician to install a standby power generator in your home to give you peace of mind the next time a big storm hits.
  2. Have Flashlights Available – Generators can be expensive, and if one is not in your budget, you need to be prepared in other ways. It is important to have flashlights at the ready so that you can find your way around if the power goes out at night. You should also make sure that your flashlights work. Test them regularly and always have extra batteries available.
  3. Keep Phone Charged – Losing power is bad enough, but if you run into an emergency situation during a power outage, you want to ensure you have a way to call for help. Keep your cellphone charged at all times, especially if there are storm warnings in your area. Luckily with all of the recent technological advances in the cellphone industry, you also have the option of purchasing a chargeable phone case or backup battery.

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