Take the Heat Off Your AC

Geothermal home heating

Air conditioners are certainly the first things you think of when you think of home cooling systems. But they’re actually just one component of your system. Today we look at home cooling solutions that extend beyond your AC unit.

Your Ducts. Central AC systems utilize the same ductwork as home heating systems — you never use them at the same time, so you don’t need separate delivery systems. Making sure these ducts are sealed is crucial to making sure the cool air gets where you need it to go. A leak anywhere in the ductwork can significantly diminish efficiency further down the chain.

Your Exterior. By “exterior” we mean more than just the insulation in your walls. We literally mean the exterior of your house, including your windows, your drapes, and any shade trees or awnings you may have. Anything that blocks the sunlight from passing through a window (where it will convert to heat) will dramatically increase the effectiveness of your AC system.

Your Fans. No, not your adoring legions of Twitter followers — your ceiling fans, floor fans, and even window fans (if used to create a negative-pressure space to pull cool air into a room). The more you can use fans to circulate the cool air throughout your home, the less strain you put on your air conditioner to push the air itself — and the less likely you’ll need to call your local AC repair services.

You can also reduce the work your AC unit has to do by utilizing the cool night air when you can. If practical, open your windows at night and turn off your AC. In the morning, close your windows and draw your drapes to keep that cool air cool as long as possible. You may still need to turn on the AC at some point, but it will be later in the day.

Do you know some unconventional home cooling solutions? Feel free to share them in the comments below. Read more here.

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