Even Roofs Can Get Pretty Weird

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Things got pretty weird in Bern, Switzerland when, just one month ago, a cow somehow managed to get stuck on a farmhouse roof. The specifics of how the cow got up there in the first place are still unknown. Her owners eventually got her down, although her hooves did considerable damage to the roof’s slate tiles. Luckily, homeowners — farmers included — shouldn’t have to worry about that in Canada. Canadians do, however, have a lot of options to consider, particularly when it comes to roof types and shapes. Here are some of the strangest metal roofing types to get you inspired.

Turn That Frown, Or In This Case, House Upside-down

“There are architects, and then there are architects who would like to express their feelings about the way things go in this world. And how better way to do it if not by building an upside down house?” Decoist posits. The house is, just like it sounds, constructed to appear upside-down. The roof resembles a typical home’s foundation; similarly, the bottom of the home looks like it is delicately balancing on an upturned roof.

When Green Roofs Get Literal

“The School of Art, Design and Media at the Nanyang Technology University in Singapore, recently got a new roof that distinguishes itself from other buildings in the campus. And no, if you were thinking, it’s a not a golf course. It’s an organic, vegetated roof that creates and open space, insulates the building, cools down the air and harvests rainwater for self irrigation,” Decoist explains. While most people may think of solar panels when they think of green types of roofing or green types of roofing materials, this particular building takes a literal spin on the word.

Types of roofing shingles and roof types and shapes vary a lot, and — in rare cases — some homes may even be built to look upside-down and green roofs may, quite literally, be green. For more about this, go here. More research here.

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