Is Your Home A Cluttered Mess?

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Have you mastered the art of feng shui? According to the best interior designers, arranging and styling your home using the principles of feng shui can vastly improve the quality of your life. The famous concept, preferred by high end interior designers all over the world, will create harmony, peace, and a sense of calm in your home.

Feng Shui: What Is It?

“Feng shui means wind and water, and for centuries Chinese practitioners have believed that how a building is oriented, what you have in it, and where you place those things can change the balance and flow of energy through your house,” ABC News reports. In other words, luxury interior designers endeavor to de-clutter homes and arrange furnishings and decorate rooms to serve that space’s unique purpose. For example, top interior designers who swear by feng shui advise against stowing your laptop on your bed or bedside table. Instead, they recommend keeping all electronics as far away from the bed as possible — and conceptualizing bedrooms as a place for rest and relaxation only.

Your Cheat Sheet To Feng Shui In Your Home

What should you do with the curtains and drapes? If you are completely at a loss, there are some general guidelines and quick rules to feng shui to get you started. First and foremost, there should never be more than a single pair of shoes or sneakers in front of a door or in any particular foyer. If you live in a studio apartment or any other sort of home with a lot of open space, simple room dividers — such as versatile and elegant Japanese Shoji screens — go a long way. Place these dividers in between bedrooms and living areas to keep your home and life at balance, ABC News recommends.

Is feng shui the answer to interior design in your home? Channel luxury interior designers by arranging furnishings and choosing decorations based on the principles of feng shui. Continue reading here:

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