The Top Three Subtle Ways You’re Losing Money Through Old Windows and Doors

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Depending on where you live, climate control can be a big issue. Keeping your home warm or cool can be a fierce uphill battle, but you may be fighting at a bigger disadvantage than you thought. Here are three ways you may be letting the elements take advantage of you unknowingly:

1. Old Doors Are Rife With Cracks and Rust

When doors become older, they become rusted and cracked and worn down. They swell and warm and generally become more deformed. This makes the doors a big safety hazard for burglary and break ins, but burglars aren’t the only thing that can work its way into a home with hold doors. Heat also seeps in and out of passages like this, making a home less energy efficient and costing more money to heat it in the winter and cool it in the summer. On top of that…

2. The Walls Surrounding Old Windows are No Better

The walls around old windows also become cracked. They droop and fall, and the paint peels and weathers, and the area around the window gradually becomes less and less air tight. This causes the same issue that the old door causes, save that there are far more exterior windows than exterior doors on a typical home. Window professionals can help to mend the window socket, as it were, but simply hiring window installers to replace the window won’t fix the issue. Window installers will help with an old window, not fix the area they’re installing the window into. Window installation isn’t a bad idea, though, because…

3. Older Windows Are Simply Inferior

The best window and door companies stay in business because house window replacement is a necessity. Older windows look the part, but they are vastly inferior to new windows simply because they are not as well insulated. Modern windows have more layers of glass and are much more energy efficient, so much so that the Department of Energy suggests replacing old windows to conserve power. How will you save on your heating bill?

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