Three Professional Landscape Lighting Design Ideas Perfect for Every Home

Outdoor lighting fixtures

Do you have a home garden that could use some illumination? Would you like extra lighting around your home for aesthetics and for safety at night, too? If you answered yes to these questions, you may want to consider using a professional landscape lighting designer to help you develop a great lighting plan.

What does landscape lighting do for your home? In addition to providing safety, having great contemporary outdoor lighting can make your home appear welcoming and give you an excellent space on a patio or in a garden for entertaining guests. Having a well done landscape lighting design can set your home apart from the others in your neighborhood.

Want ideas for unique landscape lighting and the other services an outdoor lighting company can provide for you? Check out these popular landscape lighting ideas, and contact a lighting designer to see which options will work best for you:

    1. Light your path: In some cases, you can buy inexpensive solar lights that don’t require wiring and plant them in the ground to line a walkway. However, these lights usually need replacing after a short period of time, and they don’t always give a home the right look. For a more professional design, choose wired path lighting installed by a landscaper. You can have more options to choose from in terms of the lights’ style.

    2. Set the mood: Outdoor lighting doesn’t just have to mean spotlights and floodlights, although these types of lights do have their place around the home. You can also choose more subtle lighting schemes, and you won’t even have to see the fixtures that comprise them. To get the effect of natural moon light, try using downlights in your yard’s trees. If you have any patio steps, whether they’re wood or concrete, you can have lighting embedded into them for a subtle glow. If you have shrubbery that lines your paths, you may be able to forgo the traditional path lighting and light the bushes instead. These effects all create indirect light rather than having lights blind you and your guests.

    3. Mix it up: Don’t just rely on one method of lighting your home’s exterior. A professional landscape lighting design will incorporate a variety of methods to keep your home and garden illuminated. Path lighting, downlights, and spotlights may all come into play in your lighting design.

Have more questions about landscape lighting? Contact a professional who can give your lawn a unique and modern look. You can also ask questions here if you would like more suggestions. More research here.

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