Four Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Commercial Windows and Doors

Cracked window repair

Does the front of your company’s building lack a welcoming facade? Is your business not properly ventilated? Does your business have old doors and windows? Chances are if you answered “yes” to the first two questions, you also answered “yes” to the third. Replacing your commercial windows and doors with newer models can add security, safety, and professionalism to any business, and you’ll feel like you’re in a whole new facility.

Not sure if you need to replace your commercial windows and doors just yet? Here are some signs you might need to?

    1. Broken glass: If you have any broken glass, then you might need to replace the doors and windows in your building. Cracked window repairs can fix minor issues, but any major damage to the glass in the windows and doors will require replacement. However, swapping your commercial entrance doors and the building’s windows will give you the chance to have newer, more safely constructed glass on your building. This glass can prevent injury if it breaks, and some types can also withstand bullets and burglary attempts.
    2. Cracks, splinters, and other damage: Check around the window sills and casements and your door jambs. Do you notice any cracked or splintered wood? Are your steel doors rusting? For any damage that cannot be repaired, or isn’t worth the cost of repair, replacing your commercial windows and doors is the best way to get rid of dangerous or unattractive problems.
    3. Non-functioning automatic doors: If your automatic sliding glass doors or other automatic entrance doors aren’t working, it could be time for a repair. However, for serious issues, replacing the doors altogether could be a better option. Newer automatic doors can sometimes provide better security, as well.
    4. Burglaries and break-ins: Has your business recently been robbed outside the hours of its operation? Burglaries and break-ins could mean that your business is not adequately protected. While cameras and alarms are excellent security measures, sometimes having more secured doors and windows can deter criminals.

Have questions about window and door replacements for your business? Talk to a supplier near you or leave a comment. Find more on this topic here:

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