Three Rental Tips for a Luxury Vacation in South Beach

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Did you know that over 75,000,000 people end up visiting Florida each year? Perhaps not surprisingly, 2013 was a record year for tourism in Miami, one of South Florida’s most popular cities. This area alone welcomed about 14 million visitors. Florida is also in an interesting position for international visitors, which make up a high 10% of total tourists. Many of these visitors are coming from South American countries such as Brazil, Venezuela, and Argentina.

If you are thinking about visiting South Florida, you certainly won’t be alone this year. Tourism is expected to grow at a steady rate of about 2.2% throughout the next several years. What you may be curious about is where you can stay. Like many other visitors, you might be looking for luxury condos for rent. Why not live it up while you’re staying in one of the hottest (literally, sometimes) vacation destinations in the U.S.? Here are three things you should keep in mind while you search for South Beach luxury condos.

1. Work With a Professional Service

Of course, it can be very tempting to arrange things though Craigslist. The prices are low, especially when you’re splitting the cost between friends. However, there is a drawback to not working through a professional service for Miami luxury condos. There are a fair number of scammers working through Craigslist and other less legitimate sites that will either present you with a different property than the one you viewed, or they might not actually have the property to begin with. Avoid losing a deposit and ending up in a last-minute hotel by working with an established company that has reviews from past users. Always be wary of vacation condos priced way below the normal going rate.

2. Look for the Amenities That Will Give You the Most

Who wouldn’t like to have a bar in their bedroom — but who really uses it? It’s important to prioritize the luxury amenities you want to see in rent condos. Otherwise, you might end up paying a lot of money without ultimately getting much to show for it. A hot tub or spa is a good option for most traveling groups — it can give you a great activity alternative to going out one night.

3. Something Many People Forget

If you’re renting out vacation condos that someone else normally lives in, or that is rented out to multiple families or groups over the summer, is someone coming in to check on and clean the apartment before you get there? This is an important point to address, because otherwise you might find yourself dealing with empty beer bottles and sticky tabletop cleanup rather than relaxing after a long flight.

Are you looking for vacation condos in South Beach? Let us know in the comments. More like this.

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