Three Advantages of Having an AC Maintenance Contract

Air conditioning repair costs

As the summer approaches, it is critical for homeowners to check their residential AC units, and also for businesses to have their air conditioning units inspected as well. Both residential and commercial AC repair can be costly, and fixing any breaks or malfunctioning parts as soon as possible will be the key to potentially saving hundreds of dollars.

Some of the most common problems with AC units stem from a clogged air filter. This filter stops allergens, dust and other debris from entering a home or building, and once this filter is overloaded, it is unable to circulate high quality air. Any residential or commercial AC repair technician will likely order an AC air filter replacement in this case.

These problems can be fixed through routine checks that air conditioner repair companies offer as part of their maintenance agreements, and both companies and homeowners can benefit from these contracts.

Here are few reasons why maintenance service contracts are a good way to go.

  1. Less Repairs. Many HVAC companies recommend that homeowners have their AC units checked before every cooling season. During these inspections, a technician will come to their home, check their AC unit, determine if it needs AC motor replacement, or if the coils are no longer doing their job. The unit may not even require any replacement parts, but simply a few tweaks to return it to optimal functioning. By having the AC unit regularly inspected, homeowners reduce the risks of clogged filters, rusted motors, and other AC issues.
  2. Energy Savings. Heating and cooling make up more than half of a the average American home’s energy costs, according to the U.S. Department of Energy. This means that homeowners have their HVAC units constantly running in order to maintain optimum temperatures in their house. When HVAC technicians are able to perform routine maintenance on these units, it keeps them functioning at the highest level of efficiency. Subsequently, homeowners and companies can save on energy costs if their AC units are carefully monitored.
  3. Fast Service. For any company, air conditioning repair can be essential to keeping their daily business running. The cooling system can be a major part of maintaining the right temperature for machinery and computer networks. Customers may also feel uncomfortable in the summer time in a store with a malfunctioning air conditioner, driving them out of the building, leading to a potential loss in profits for these companies. When a business has a maintenance contract with a commercial AC repair company, their AC issues can be resolved quickly.

Regular maintenance is essential to keeping a residential or commercial AC unit running smoothly. With the upcoming summer’s projected high humidity and heat, these units should be checked before June to keep homeowners, employees and customers as cool as possible. Continue your research here.

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