• Explore These Three Termite Control Options to Get Rid of Your Dangerous Pest Problem

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    When it comes to owning a home, having a pest problem isn’t just a nuisance. Pests, including rodents and insects, can also sometimes pose a danger to homeowners and their families, especially if an invasion is left unchecked. Nowhere is that more obvious than with a termite problem. Americans spend an estimated $2 billion each year on several different termite control options, and around 20% of homeowners surveyed name these insects as their biggest pest concern.

    Why are termites so dangerous? These pests can eat through the wooden beams that hold a house together, leading to permanent damage that can cause structural collapses if the problem isn’t caught right away. And it’s not just older homes that can face this issue — around 15% of all new homes can have serious structural defects and damage, including from termites. Not to mention, termites can spread quickly. The queen of one termite species can lay up to 40,000 eggs per day, which can make the problem go out of control fast.

    So what are your termite control options if you’ve had this issue? Here are some tips on termite control for homeowners:

      1. Traps: If you go to a home improvement store, you should be able to find traps for termites. These traps need to be laid out in areas where you see termites or notice damage in order to catch them. However, this may not be enough if you don’t know where the damage is or can’t get to the area of the infestation.

      2. Poison: You can also poison termites by spraying affected areas with chemicals. Again, though, you may not be able to get to all areas of the damage, so this may not be very effective as a D.I.Y. termite control process. Using these chemicals can also present a hazard to pets and children, so it may not be the best method for everyone.

      3. Professionals: If you’re unable to deal with the infestation yourself, you can also call a professional exterminator service to come take care of it for you. Make sure that any house call pest control services you work with not only take care of the problem but can repair the damage caused by termites. If they don’t do repairs, they should be able to refer you to someone who can.

    Need more advice on your termite control options? Make sure to speak to a pest control company who can offer expert advice and suggestions to keep the problem from occurring again. You can leave a comment if you have more questions about termite or other types of pest control. Ger more information on this topic here.