• Is Your Sewer Line Over 40 Years Old? It’s Time For An Inspection!

    Sewer line replacement

    When’s the last time you thought about calling for sewer replacement services? While it doesn’t sound like fun, statistics showing that sewers over 40 years old are at a higher chance of clogging and even breaking sounds like even less fun down the road! Calling for a quality inspection can pinpoint common problems, such as invasive tree roots or eroded materials, and help increase efficiency in your appliances while saving money on your energy bill. New technologies have also developed to assist not only in quality service but reducing the damage that can be caused by traditional repair services.

    Did You Know?

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  • Fencing In and Ways to Do it

    Steel fences

    When making home improvements do not forget about the exterior of your home. Bathroom and kitchen remodels and redecorating is all well and good but the outside might need some updating also. Sometimes, the outside of your house is just as important as the inside. It is the first impression and we all know how important first impressions are. The modification does not need to be extravagant or expensive, it could be something as easy as new fencing.

    Having a fence is important to your home. It can mark the property lines between you and your neighbors, give you privacy by not allowing passersby to see into your house and it can provide a safe boundary for children when they are playing outside.
    When we think of fences, we ca Continue Reading

  • How to Unclog a Clogged Drain

    Trenchless pipe bursting equipment

    Having a clogged up drain is never fun to deal with and it’s even worse to actually take care of. Here’s what you’re going to want to know.

    Diagnosing the problem. - First of all, you should be sure that a clog is the problem. If it is, then water will be backing up out of the sink, pooling around the drain and clearing out slowly, bubbling in the toilet when you run the sink, gurgling as it drains, and puddling around the floor near the tub or the sink. There may also be a rotting food smell from the kitchen.

    Unclogging the drain. - When dealing with a clog, you can go to the store and pick up special chemicals that should do the trick. That being said, these chemicals can damage your pipes. Plus, there are home remedies you can use that cost l Continue Reading

  • 3 Reasons to Invest in Plumbing Repairs

    toilet repairOwning a home, while it seems like a dream for many, can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. There are so many things you need to keep track of in order to keep everything in working order, and to make sure different members of the household have what they want and need. Taking care of things before they become a huge issue may seem more difficult, but the truth is, it makes things a lot easier on you. This can certainly be said of plumbing repairs. Plumbing problems often arise when there is a lack of maintenance, or when you don’t pay attention to warning signs. Read on for a few reasons why you should be doing preventative repairs.

    Save Money
    When an issue arises suddenly, and you need something like toilet repairs done quickly, emergency plumbing services may cost you more. In addition, consider the fact that 30% of indoor water use is attributed to toilets, and household leaks account for more than one trillion gallons of wasted water in America each year. Fixing those leaks will save you 10% on your water bills.

    Keep Things Working
    It’s simple: you need things like the kitchen sink and toilet in working order, especially if you have a family. It isn’t really an option for you to have things out of commission. Toilet repairs take time that you may not have.

    Prevent Replacements
    Every single appliance in your home has a shelf life. No one product can last forever; it’s just a fact. But the thing is, you can lengthen the life of appliances by taking good care of them. Preventative replacements mean less wear and tear over the life of a product, which ultimately extends its life!

    Do you believe in keeping up on preventative repairs? If you do already, how has keeping up with them changed your home? Your bills?

  • A Few Cool Facts About Carpets and Flooring

    Vinyl flooring installation

    Carpet installations probably aren’t something that you think about often, but you might just be surprised by how influential this industry is and how interesting some of the trends are in flooring plans and carpeting ideas. Take a quick look at some of the facts below, and you’ll see what we mean!

    • Carpeting is probably the most common type of floor covering in the U.S. today — in fact, it’s estimated that carpeted floors make up 70% of all flooring in residential and commercial buildings.
    • If you have respiratory concerns or allergies, however, you might want to stay away from carpet installation Continue Reading
  • Roofing Materials Getting Your Money’s Worth

    Solar chattanooga

    Roofing — from roof repair to choosing a new one, and even roof replacement — can be among some of the most challenging construction projects. However, with the right general contractors on hand, you can be sure that you’ll end up with a roof that suits your needs. There are more types of roofs available than you might think, however. A roofing contractor will present you with several different options. You simply need Continue Reading

  • Why Natural Pest Control is Your Best Bet for Beating Pests

    Pest control

    It may start out as an ant or two scurrying across your floor, or a single roach hiding in the corners of your home. At first, you think nothing of it until one day, one roach turns into two, three and more. Pest infestation can cause serious problems for your health and the condition of your property. Sometimes, the infestation can be more than you can control. You’ll want to hire an exterminator to eliminate pests at the source.
    Don’t let your pest problem go untreated. Pests are incredibly detrimental to your health. If they?re coexisting with you in your home, you shouldn?t ever hesitate to call an exterminator. Pests and bugs can carry a host of harmful diseases a Continue Reading

  • The Top Three Tips For Remodeling Your Home

    Bathroom remodeling

    So it’s come to renovate your home. Unfortunately, even a home in relative working order eventually has to be renovated — not simply to keep it working, but to keep it looking good. When you buy a house, you’re making an investment. The better your house looks, the more likely it will be to make a return on that investment someday. As much as you may like the “retro” look of your kitchen or bathroom, retro to some is dated to others, and eventually even you are going to get tired of looking at vinyl walls or faux-wood countertops. So whether you’re thinking of bathroom remodeling or kitchen remodeling, or something else entirely, you’re going to want to be prepared to make your house look its absolute best Continue Reading

  • Are You Looking for Hardscaping Design Ideas?

    Landscape services

    It was a short distance from the hotel to your parked car, but the walk took a little longer than it should have because you stopped to look at the bright, waxy holy and ivy bushes that made up a significant portion of the hotel’s front landscaping. You had never really thought that this Christmas plant could serve as a shrub, and that got you to thinking again about the landscaping and hardscaping project you are ready to begin at your own home.
    While most people are familiar with the term landscaping, the term hardscaping is less familiar. Hardscaping refers to the placement of nonplant elements like fences, walkways, paving, and lighting in a designed outdoor area. The best hardscaping design ideas create a high impact home exterior that is both an art and a science. Both landscaping and hardscaping Continue Reading

  • Storm Protection 101 – How to Prepare For the Deadliest of Hurricanes

    Vinyl impact windows cape coral

    Hurricanes are one of the most dangerous natural disasters. The extreme winds and rain can cause irreparable damage when it hits land. Unfortunately, those who live near the coast can be the most susceptible to the effects of a hurricane. Storm protection is important to surviving the worst of hurricanes, and here are three key steps to follow when preparing for a storm.

    1. Educate Yourself about Hurricane Season
      Storm protection begins with education. The best way to be prepared for a hurricane is to know when to expect the worst of the tropical storms. Along the Atlantic Ocean, hurricane season is typically from early summer to late autumn, peaking in late August through to September. It has been reported that September is the worst month for hurricanes. When a Continue Reading
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