• If You Are Looking For a Roofing Contractor, Make Sure They Have This


    Choosing the right roofing materials can result in a roof that lasts nearly 100 years, or one that lasts maybe 15 years. When speaking with roof replacement contractors, one study found that about 88% of people choose a new roof baed upon durability, while others (83%) choose based on longevity. There is no one right type of material to choose, however choosing the correct one for your home can possibly reduce energy costs over time.

    Should I Decide On a Material Before Researching Roof Replacement Contractors?

    There’s no harm in having a preference for which roofing materials to use for a replacement. Many homeowners have a strong dislike of certain materials or appearances. There is a good chance that your favorite type of roof will work for your current home. Just know that whichever contractor yo Continue Reading

  • Do You Plan to Construct an Extra Storage Building on Your Lot?

    Porch additions

    The 90 degree day took an immediate turn for the worse right around dinner time.
    It was easy to tell that many of the people in the area believed the evening forecast for threatening weather because the grocery store was packed. It seemed that everyone was trying to get their last minute grocery shopping done so that they could be inside before the evening storm moved through.
    With a quick drop in temperature, the 60 degree mark was indeed an indication of the the approaching storm. Within an hour of the prediction the winds reached nearly 85 miles and hour, hail pelleted the ground and anything else it came in contact with, and the rain fell in buckets. Although it did not last long, the intense weather damaged the roofing on both your home and fencing, your storage buildings and the metal roofing.Continue Reading

  • Catch the Ideal Amount of Rays in Your Perfect Sun Room

    Murfreesboro roofing

    Everyone has their own specific tastes when it comes to their dream homes. Different elements are important for different individuals. Some people might need an open concept kitchen. Others might not care about the kitchen as much as they care about the existence of a fireplace in the perfectly cozy location of the house. Some people prefer a two-story home, others might not feel comfortable if they are not staying in a condo. But one thing that just about anyone can at least appreciate is a nice, warm sun room. Even if it is not on a homebuyers list of must-haves, chances are they will marvel at and shower praise upon the sun room at a friend or family member’s home.

    There’s just something about a sun room

    The ideal sun room needs to be facing the right direction to r Continue Reading