• Bark Dust Beautiful Outdoor Applications

    Bark blowering



    Edges for sidewalks.

    That children’s playground.

    What do all these have in common? The answer may surprise you.

    When entering a playground, the first noticeable sensation is underneath the feet. It’s that hard, slightly giving, brown mulch that appears like it can handle a quick fall. It cushions, which is perfect for a playground where kids run around.

    Then there’s the edges of sidewalks. That slightly giving brown mulch is there as well. It lines the path of the sidewalk. It might not be brown. Red is a possible color as well.

    Landscaping. The mulch is featured across the lawn. It replaces dirt in many cases, circling around shrubs and bushes, lined across walkways.

    Then there is gardening. Sometimes it is placed over a garden, sometimes lining i Continue Reading