• Do You Have a New Window Installation Scheduled?

    Replacement windows

    I need someone to come out and look at possible hail damage from last night’s storm and some previous storm damage. I am looking for someone who is professional, someone who can give me a quick response, and someone who has a friendly demeanor. I am hoping the there is someone who would give me a a free, no obligation assessment. Someone who is familiar with this neighborhood and is trustworthy and honest, as well as up front with the repairs my house requires. I know that installing the best windows on my home is a wise decision, but I do not want someone who is going to oversell.
    The posts on the neighborhood website are coming fast and furious. An unexpected late night storm quickly turned from heavy rains to damaging winds and hail in some areas. As a result, the neighborhood websites are f Continue Reading

  • Beat the Heat with AC Maintenance


    Nearly two-thirds of the homes in the United States have air conditioning. Air conditioners have come a long way over the last couple decades making them cheaper to purchase and cheaper to run. Today’s air conditioners are approximately fifty percent more energy efficient than they were ten years ago. This makes the more accessible to more people, which is why so many homes have them.

    When air conditioners are running inefficiently, it is generally due to duct leakage. Simply put, the air is leaking through the ducts instead of getting to where it needs to go. This will not only cause the ac unit to run longer and cool down the house less, it will also cost more because it will be working harder trying to cool down the ho Continue Reading

  • When Laying a Backsplash, a Methodical Approach Is Best

    Ceramic tile for bathroom

    So you want to spruce up your kitchen, but don’t necessarily want to shell out tens of thousands of dollars doing it. What’s a savvy homeowner to do? Why, add a new backsplash tile of course!

    Unlike installing new cabinets, a kitchen backsplash does not require a professional to install. Backsplash tiles are also a low cost option when upgrading a kitchen, unlike installing new flooring. If you would like to know more about how to install a beautiful mosaic in your kitchen, read below.

    The Key to Easy Installation Is Preparation at Each Step of the Way.

    Any home improvement job can be nightmarish if proper preparation is not undertaken. Experts recommend the novice tile installer to be prepared Continue Reading

  • Is Your Home in Need of a New Deck?

    Nj decks

    This is going to be an exciting weekend. After months of saying that you were going to tear down your old deck and replace it with a new deck contruction, it is finally going to happen. You recently had some vinyl fence builders do some work at your house and when they finished that project you asked them for a bid on deck materials, along with the deck contruction. Thankfully, the bid came in just under what you still had set aside in the home improvement budget and you and your wife decided to you might as well tackle this project right now.
    From building a new fence to building a new deck, many home Continue Reading

  • Home Construction Projects Require Many Decisions

    Heating and cooling cloquet mn

    What is your priority when it comes time build a home? Are you one of the home owners who decides that choosing a contractor should come first, or do you want to find a perfect lot and then deal with the builder that is attached to that lot? For many, choosing a contractor is the most important factor in any home building decision. Consider some of these items that many buyers are looking for:

    • Friends who started out as new neighbors. Are you looking for the kind of neighborhood where people welcome new neighbors with a warm plate of cookies and a card with their name and phone number?
    • Indoor playmates. When the weather is too wet and too cold, are you hoping for a neighborhood where your children will still have friends to play with? At yo Continue Reading
  • How Energy-Efficient Is Your Home? Perhaps it’s Time for a Modern AC System

    Air conditioning contractor tampa

    Have you lived in your home for 10 years or longer? If you purchased a new air conditioner at that time, you may be due for a new system. Were you aware that you may be able to save up to 20% on your energy bills when you have a new, energy-efficient air conditioning unit?

    When heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) systems aren’t functioning optimally, there may be several factors contributing to this situation. First of all, when the equipment isn’t installed correctly, it can reduce the unit’s efficiency by 30%. Secondly, even when you have a well-operating air conditioner, duct leakage can drain the energy out of the system. In fact, this alone can reduce your system’s function by as much as 20% to 40%.

    In general, an air conditioning unit will last for 10 to 15 years Continue Reading

  • 3 Types of Lighting to Choose From For Household Tasks

    Leucos lighting

    The lighting inside of your home is important for many reasons. Most homeowners utilize their lights rather frequently. Without modern sources of light, you would struggle to see after the sun goes down. Lights that are not bright enough would make it difficult to read, participate in hobbies, and easily see from one room to the other. There are three basic types of lighting for the interior of the home including ambient lighting, task lighting, and accent lighting.

    Ambient lighting

    Ambient lighting is a dimmer type of lighting. You could compare it to the small dim that comes out of your computer. Ambient lighting is often used when normal household lights would be too much, but some level of lighting is needed. Some people prefer ambient lighting for romantic dinners, evening reading, o Continue Reading

  • What You Need to Know About Soundproofing Your Home

    Acoustic ceiling installation

    If you live in an old home or share a workspace in a very active building, you be looking at sound absorbing ceiling panels or sound insulation walls to keep outside noise from coming in — and potentially noise from your home or business from leaking out into others’ work spaces or homes. If you work in the music or film industry, for example, you may have special rooms with sound absorbing ceiling panels or soundproof wall panels for maximum concentration and minimum irritation. If you have home gym, movie theatre, or have active children, having sound insulation panels or soundproofing built into your home can be Continue Reading

  • Newer Crane Pads Are Lighter and More Stable

    Crane pads

    Outrigger pads and crane pads are the foundation of safety in construction workplaces. They are the basis for the stability of a crane setup in any kind of ground conditions. Outrigger pads must match the weight and pressure of the set up. The size of the pads is important when it comes to providing a stable base. Tough and reliable outrigger crane pads are an essential safety item in a number of industries like construction toon, mining materials utilities etc.

    Safety standards for outrigger crane pads
    The U.S. OSHA defines the conditions for the assembly of cranes. The ground should be firm, drained and properly graded. Supporting materials like blocking, cribbing, pads, and mats should be used for su Continue Reading

  • How You Can Prevent Kitchen Fires

    Restaurant fire suppression systems

    As most of us learned at a young age, fire protection and prevention are incredibly important. In fact, the words of Smokey the Bear are probably running through your head right now. Still today, fires are a major source of property damage and destruction, particularly in the commercial industry. In fact, fires in restaurants cause a yearly average of nearly $250 million in damage — and that’s not including any personal injury to customers or employees.

    Restaurants are required to follow a variety of strict regulations to keep customers and employees safe. For example, a qualified contractor should conduct fire extinguisher inspections every six months, especially if the kitchen h Continue Reading

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