• How well drilling saved the west

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    There is an interesting trend in human culture of people surviving in places that no one would ever expect. It is commonly held belief, at least nowadays, that the modern human species, homo sapiens, began somewhere in East Africa near the Olduvai gorge. It’s not hard to imagine tribes of people, clothed in skins and hide, living among the rocks and scrub plants, peering out at a sunset over the plains. The world was different then. We had no well drilling services, well digging at all, or machines or tools or cars or things as strange and interesting as water well sealing or basement sump pump installation. We didn’t have any of these things yet we survived, just as we continue to do today. We hunted, we gathered. We looked out at the tall grass and we climbed the rocks. It’s a funny thought, isn’t it? To think of one of us back then, looking out over the sides of the gorge, wondering what was on the other side of the farthest hill. Scientists aren’t set on exactly why modern day humans began to migrate from their homes in small encampments in East Africa. Some say it was because food was running low. Others believe climate change or over population forced some people out. They left to find other lands that were more suitable for food and space and living. But it’s possible we’ll never know the truth. One of the truths we do know is that, to survive in these new lands they would visit, they would have to adapt and change. Living in East Africa is not the same as living in the southern Mediterranean or steppes of Asia or the islands of the Pacific. They did adapt, of course, but it might not be in the way you think. Follow along and find out.

      Well driving services and the history of the human race
      As strange and erratic as this title might sound, it’s not entirely off base. It’s actually pretty accurate, to a degree but it requires a bit of understanding first. It requires knowing what these past humans must have encountered when they left their comfortable homes for places that were colder, harsher, lusher and, even sometimes, richer than the place they had lived before. So let’s break it down, shall we? What do people absolutely baseline need to live? Well, the first thing is air, more or less. Not a problem. The second things collectively are food and water. Both of these would turn out to be a problem, at first. Unlike air, luckily. So what was the problem with them? Well, the primary problem was that in these new places they had absolutely no idea what was safe to eat. This was why they mostly followed the migratory paths of big animals that could provide them with a stable source of food. But food wasn’t the only problem.
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      So, back to well drilling services and what these well drilling services, and other types of general well drilling services, provided to the human race. Well, while well drilling services as we know them wouldn’t come into existence for thousands of years, people did, in fact, need water while traveling and living. This is especially true of early humanity as most of us were hunter gatherers who moved constantly and were therefore always in new places. It wasn’t an easy life, of course, but, at the time, it was the only way to hunt the big game and keep all of the families fed. Actually, some scientists estimate that it took a lot less work than our workdays today although, to be fair, it was a different kind of work. Hunting may have only taken four or five hours but it required significant risk of injury or death or illness, at best. But that’s mostly beside the point. The real point is that these groups needed to incredibly good at finding and following water. Or digging for water, if there were no other options. This skill eventually allowed early humans to thrive anywhere and, after thousands and thousands of years, thrive they did.