• Do You Plan to Construct an Extra Storage Building on Your Lot?

    Porch additions

    The 90 degree day took an immediate turn for the worse right around dinner time.
    It was easy to tell that many of the people in the area believed the evening forecast for threatening weather because the grocery store was packed. It seemed that everyone was trying to get their last minute grocery shopping done so that they could be inside before the evening storm moved through.
    With a quick drop in temperature, the 60 degree mark was indeed an indication of the the approaching storm. Within an hour of the prediction the winds reached nearly 85 miles and hour, hail pelleted the ground and anything else it came in contact with, and the rain fell in buckets. Although it did not last long, the intense weather damaged the roofing on both your home and fencing, your storage buildings and the metal roofing.Continue Reading

  • Taking Care of Your Home is an Important Part of Ownership

    Roofing solutions

    Owning a home means taking care of it and spending money on maintenance. On average, homeowners spend anywhere from 1% to 4% of a home’s value on maintenance every year, and that amount tends to increase as the house gets older. There are many home maintenance issues that you will be faced with. Here are a few of the most common.

    One of the most important home maintenance tasks is taking care of your HVAC system. Having to replace a furnace or air conditioner is expensive, so you want to be sure you take good care of your system. Common maintenance tasks include replacing the filter often, hosing down your condenser unit outside the home a couple of times a year and having annual maintenance done by an HVAC technician.

    Another critical component of your home you need to take care of is your roof. Continue Reading