• How to Get the Most Out of Plumbing

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    In order to have a healthy home, you must make sure that all appliances and aspects of your home are in the best shape that they can be. Now, it is important to understand that if you are not an expert in taking care of these appliances than you are not of strong enough skill to actually handle these issues on your own.

    Right now, skilled jobs are a priority across the United States. People like plumbers, technicians, and even engineers are needed now more than ever because there is a shortage of these types of workers. These people play important roles, despite what most people think, and are crucial in terms of having a healthy home.

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  • Things to Look For in Licensed Plumbers

    licensed plumbersFinding quality, reliable plumbing services can be difficult. The best are almost always busy tending to other customers due to their high demand. For this reason, many customers end up hiring inadequate and sometimes unlicensed plumbers resulting in higher costs for plumbing repairs. That small leak can turn into an even bigger problem if left in the wrong hands. Here are a few tips to make sure the right person is hired for the job.

    Ask to See a License
    Truly licensed plumbers will have documentation to prove it. Not only should they have a plumbing license, but they should also have insurance as well. This is to protect both the customer and the plumbing professional. In many cases, this insurance covers any other properties that may be affected in the event something goes wrong. In an average American home, 10% of the indoor use of water come from faucets, 30% of use come from toilets. Fixing something as simple as a leak in the correct way can save a household around 10% on their water bills.

    Look Up Their Online Reviews
    Researching past customer experiences are a great way to find out the quality of work licensed plumbers can provide. Check their website and even social media presence to see how customers react to their work and how the react to customers.

    Get Professional References
    Aside from friends and family, contractors and real estate agents are often the best resources for finding licensed plumbers. This is because they work closely with these professionals each day. They often have a list of reliable licensed plumbers who are quick to respond to emergency plumbing services.

    Shop Around and Get Solid Quotes
    There is nothing more stressful than being told one price for a service then being charged more once the job is done. Some plumbers can give a quote over the phone for simple repairs. Others like to see the problem before they can give an accurate quote.

    Once you have found the licensed plumber for you, keep them. Store their number in your phone or address book and never let them go. Keep in touch and remember them whenever repairs need to be done. This just may be one lasting relationship.

  • 3 Crucial Reasons to Seek Professional Plumbing Repair the Moment That Problems Arise

    plumbing repairHome and business owners have a multitude of important things to deal with on a daily basis, and maintaining their property’s plumbing is chief among them. From leaks to clogs and everything in between, there is no shortage of plumbing problems that can arise at a moment’s notice.

    Instead of waiting for these issues to “fix themselves,” you need to seek plumbing repair as soon as something goes awry. Licensed plumbers can perform essential emergency plumbing services that restore your property’s basic plumbing functions and save you money over time.

    Failing to obtain these plumbing repairs in a timely fashion could lead to a litany of negative consequences that you should be avoiding at all costs. Here are three of the most crucial reasons to seek professional plumbing repairs when you notice an issue:

    • Avoid expensive replacements
       As many home and business owners know, the cost of replacing your pipes and plumbing fixtures far exceed the cost of repairing them. A big tank water heater that stores 40 to 60 gallons of hot water will keep your showers, laundry, and other hot water needs properly satisfied for quite some time. Unfortunately, these water heater tanks are quite expensive, and you can bring in the pros to repair them for a fraction of the cost compared to what you would pay for a replacement tank.
    • Prolong the lifespan of your fixtures
       A typical tank water heater lasts for approximately 10 to 13 years, but this lifespan can be dramatically reduced if you fail to properly maintain your hot water tank. Your water heater is used all throughout the day for a litany of different purposes, and the wear and tear this usage has on your tank is unavoidable. As long as you keep up with plumbing repairs and maintenance, you will always get maximum usage out of your fixtures.
    • Enhance your home’s water efficiency
       Savvy homeowners are always on the lookout for ways to save on monthly bills, and you should start your cost-cutting endeavors with enhancing your home’s water efficiency. Fixing easily corrected household water leaks can save homeowners about 10% on their water bills, which really adds up over time.

    The plumbing system in your home or business is prone to fail at any moment, and you need to have an experienced plumber on speed-dial for whenever these issues arise. Get in touch with a licensed plumber in your area to save money and keep your plumbing in the best condition possible.

  • 3 Reasons to Invest in Plumbing Repairs

    toilet repairOwning a home, while it seems like a dream for many, can be a difficult and stressful endeavor. There are so many things you need to keep track of in order to keep everything in working order, and to make sure different members of the household have what they want and need. Taking care of things before they become a huge issue may seem more difficult, but the truth is, it makes things a lot easier on you. This can certainly be said of plumbing repairs. Plumbing problems often arise when there is a lack of maintenance, or when you don’t pay attention to warning signs. Read on for a few reasons why you should be doing preventative repairs.

    Save Money
    When an issue arises suddenly, and you need something like toilet repairs done quickly, emergency plumbing services may cost you more. In addition, consider the fact that 30% of indoor water use is attributed to toilets, and household leaks account for more than one trillion gallons of wasted water in America each year. Fixing those leaks will save you 10% on your water bills.

    Keep Things Working
    It’s simple: you need things like the kitchen sink and toilet in working order, especially if you have a family. It isn’t really an option for you to have things out of commission. Toilet repairs take time that you may not have.

    Prevent Replacements
    Every single appliance in your home has a shelf life. No one product can last forever; it’s just a fact. But the thing is, you can lengthen the life of appliances by taking good care of them. Preventative replacements mean less wear and tear over the life of a product, which ultimately extends its life!

    Do you believe in keeping up on preventative repairs? If you do already, how has keeping up with them changed your home? Your bills?

  • 7 Great Tips for DIY Plumbing Projects

    Clogged drain atlantis

    If you plan on beginning a new do-it-yourself project to fix your sewer soon, make sure you read these tips first.

      1. Listen to the sounds of your sewer
      One of the best ways to tell what could be wrong with your sewer is simply by listening to it. You can check out the various problems and you may be able to diagnose the issue simply by trying to think about what the sound means. One of the most common issues is gurgling in the sink drain, which is a great indicator that you may have a small clog.

      2. Get a drain camera so you can get a reliable visual
      If listening to the sewer problem isn’t telling you enough information, you can find out more by investing in a tiny, but incredibly helpful drain camera. This inexpensive tool will b Continue Reading