• Could Your Dirty Dryer Vents Cause a Fire?

    Airduct cleaning

    If you’re like the average U.S. family, you could be spending about $1,900 each year on utility bills alone. Of that amount, heating and cooling are said to eat up about 54%. For many families, that number may seem a little high. It is possible to lower one’s heating and cooling bills in a number of ways. The fastest and easiest? Keeping your home cleaner.

    Even homes that are cleaned regularly and frequently may miss key spots that can drive up utility bills when left uncleaned. Attics, dryer vents, and air ducts are some areas that should not be forgotten. Here’s why.

    Can a Dirty Home Be More Expensive to Cool and Heat?

    A home with clutter and dirt is not just more expensive to heat and cool, in fact it could prove to be a hazard. In 34% of home fires caused by a drying machine, the main c Continue Reading