• Home Remodeling Made Easy–Hire a Professional Designer

    Bathroom remodeling

    Whether you’re thinking about remodeling your entire home or just a specific room, there are quite a few decisions to make. When you hire a professional designer, he or she can make a major difference with the overall process. Not only will they assist you with design options and ensure that they are efficient, they can also assist you with scheduling the contractors and installers.

    After meeting with you and walking through your home, a professional designer may recommend that you focus first on one or more of these rooms:

      Entertainment room
      Home library

    If you decide to go with a custom kitchen d Continue Reading

  • 9 Fun Facts About the History of Air Conditioning

    Commercial ac repair st. pete

    Where would be today without the comfort of our air conditioners? Today, two in three homes in the U.S. have their own AC services, but of course it wasn’t always that way. Have you ever wondered how modern air conditioning came to be? Here are nine fun and historical facts that tell the story of the “AC” in the modern HVAC company.

    1. The first air conditioner was made for entirely practical purposes. New York publishing magnate Willis Carrier invented a machine in 1902 to help control ink and paper supplies.
    2. The idea caught on rapidly. One of the first buildings to use air conditioning services for human comfort was the New York Stock Exchange Building in 1903.
    3. The term “a Continue Reading
  • 7 Tips for Conserving More Water Today than You Did Yesterday

    Residential plumbing

    You hear it all the time; conserve water and save the planet. But no one really goes into detail about how water can actually be conserved. With all the plumbing issues that are around these days, it’s obvious that not very many people are doing their part in conserving water. Maybe if people were a little better informed about how they could be doing something different, they might be able to save their residential plumbing a little bit. Finding a plumber is not exactly hard but if you do not have to have one because you are using water less, that would be even better. Here are a few things that you can do in Continue Reading

  • 5 Tips to Creating a More Elegant Home

    Black italian leather sofa

    Americans spend a lot of furniture. After buying a house and a car, furniture is the next largest expense a person will have. In 2013, people in the United States spent about $101.41 billion on furniture and other home furnishings. From buying contemporary Italian bedroom furniture to high end leather furniture, home owners do what they can to create more elegant home spaces. There are some other things you can do to spruce up the look of your home.

    1. Add crown molding to your rooms. You may not think much about your crown molding but it can make a big difference in the look of a home. You may be thinking more about your contemporary Italian bedroom furniture but when you install detailed crown molding in the rooms of your home, you upgrade the look of all of your house. Crown molding Continue Reading
  • Tips to Getting the Right Ceramic Tile for Your Bathroom

    Tub repair

    Ceramic tile is a versatile and fun material. It is most often used in bathrooms and kitchens but really can be used all over the home. It is durable and easy to clean, which is one of the reasons that it is so good in the bathroom. If you are planning a bathroom remodeling job, you are going to want to include tile. Whether you are looking at a bathtub tile installation or redoing the entire space, you are going to want to get the right tile for your space. Here are tips for finding the right tile for your bathroom.

    • Start with a tile you really like. There are times when you see a tile in a store that you want to use as an accent piece. You might find some cool artisan tile. You may not want the entire room to be that tile, nor would you dream of using it for a Continue Reading
  • The Growth and Dangers in the Construction Industry

    Construction consulting

    A quick glance at the construction industry in the United States:

    • With 10% of the market share, it ranks as the second largest construction market worldwide.
    • There are 7.8 million production workers in the U.S. construction industry.
    • The Dodge Data and Analytics’ 2016 Construction Outlook report predicted 6% growth for the construction industry, with the value of construction reaching an estimated $712 billion.

    It is a big industry and with that comes aspects like construction management and project management. Project management is a skill set that requires overseeing all aspects of a project, having a team to delegate responsibilities to, and managing workers to complete tasks proficiently, within budget, and on time.

    In many cases, construction is necessit Continue Reading

  • How to Prepare Your HVAC for Winter

    Residential boilers

    With the turn from fall to winter, HVAC systems are undergoing rigorous testing to ensure they will perform efficiently through the winter season. HVAC–which stands for heating, ventilating, and air conditioning–can lead higher bills during the winter system due to poor performance. Here is a quick guide to understanding your system.

    A central component to any HVAC system is the furnace. A furnace typically lasts between 15 and 18 years and may suffer in efficiency towards the later years as parts wear out. Efficiency in a furnace means the rate at which the fuel is converted into energy. The lowest efficiency allowed with a gas furnace is 78%, while some newer models can achieve efficiency as high as 97%.

    A service concerning Continue Reading

  • Tips for Hiring the Right Landscaping Service

    Irrigation repair

    Good landscaping can add a lot of value to a home. It has been estimated that at least 83% of all Americans consider having a lawn to be very important. At least 97% of all real estate agents recommend their clients have good landscaping be done to a home before they put the house on the market. If you are looking for a good landscaping service, there are ways to find the best one for you.

    1. Talk to your friends and family. If you know people in your area who own their home, you probably know people who have used a landscaping service. The best way to find good quality products and services is to get a personal recommendation from someone you trust. Talk to your friends and family about who they used, what they thought about the experience, how they found their landscaping com Continue Reading
  • Design and Build Better Projects with Micro Screws

    Micro screws

    When you’re a project development engineer, you want to have exactly what you need to complete a design to your exact specifications. Are standard fasteners driving your design project? If so, why not order custom fasteners? Not only can you build better projects with high quality custom fasteners, you can also order ultra thin head screws. These micro screws can make a difference when you’re designing thinner assemblies.

    Micro Screws: Composition and Specifications

    High-strength alloys are used to create most screws. They are like 4140 with Rockwell C hardnesses from 32-to-43, and have a minimum tensile strength of 144 KSI. When fabricating these screws, they are heat-treated and then tempered at 650 F Continue Reading

  • 6 Tips for Finding a Great Home Remodeling Company


    Are you considering remodeling your home? At least 60% of respondents to a recent Houzz survey said they were planning some sort of home remodeling job within the next year. About 35% of those people said they planned to do their entire home. Home renovations are great for increasing the value of a home. They are also great ways to take an existing home and turn it into a dream home. Finding the right company to handle the renovations on your home is critical to the success for your project. Here are some tips to finding the contractors for your project.

    Decide what you want to do. Before you start a project, you really should begin by really thinking about what you want to do and wha Continue Reading

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