• Wondering Where to Build a Deck? Here Are a Few Ideas to Get You Started

    Screened porch

    Remodeling your home is an expensive investment that you should thoroughly research. If you’re considering building a deck, it’s a good idea to look at other decks people have built and take aspects from their designs. Adding a deck is great for socializing because it is a special space for entertaining and having fun outdoors. It’s awesome to have a space that’s elevated from the ground when guests come over, and if your home has a view this is the perfect way to see it with friends. Decks can even increase the value of your home and make it more likely to sell on the housing market, so even if you’re not currently selling your home, it’s a smart investment. If you’re wondering where to build a deck or what types of decks are available, keep reading to find out more about some of the coolest decks around.
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  • Want Streak Free Windows Without Relying on Industrial Cleaners?

    Best way to clean windows without streaks

    Keeping your home clean is one of the best things you can do, both for your physical and mental health. As Huffington Post details, everything from window cleaning to straightening up your bedroom can have significant health benefits. For instance, as any window washing services worth their salt can tell you, keeping your windows clean will reduce the amount of dust in your home, drastically reducing problems with seasonal allergies. Regular window washing can also help improve the energy efficiency of your home by allowing more sunlight in during the colder months.

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  • The New Homeowner Crash Course

    Heating and cooling equipment

    Becoming a first-time homeowner can be a very exciting time. You finally have a place of your very own, and you’re no longer throwing money away on rent. Not it’s time to settle in with the ones you love, and make your house a home.

    However, you’ll soon discover that owning your own home is also a lot of work. Sure, there’s the standard cleaning and general maintenance, but remember, you no longer have a landlord to come over and fix your heat when it’s not working, or replace your toilet when it’s broken. You’re your own landlord now, and you’ll have to learn to take care of things for yourself.

    There are a few systems you’ll want to learn more about as a homeowner:

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  • Bathroom Remodeling Do’s and Don’ts How to Get a Designer Look For Less

    Tile refinishing atlanta

    Bathroom renovation or remodeling perfects are exciting to say the least. It’s fun finding inspiration and then watching your creative vision manifest right in front of your eyes. However, before jumping in headfirst into a bath renovation project, it’s important to weigh all options and explore your alternatives. Often times, you can achieve the same — if not better — designer-inspired look for much less.

    There are two important factors which must be considered in regards to bathroom renovations: time and money. As a rule of thumb, the more time and labor a remodeling project require the emptier your piggy bank will be, and vice versa. As such, before thinking of replacing your bathtub, consider tub resurfacing or tub refinishing.

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  • After Historic Snowfall, Buffalo, NY Faces a New Threat — Floods

    Waterproofing basement

    In a freak weather occurrence that made global headlines, Buffalo, NY’s “Snowvember” brought huge snowfalls all week that rose to more than seven feet by the time it stopped snowing.

    But now that the snow appears to have stopped falling, Buffalo residents have a few new threats to face — collapsing roofs and the possibility of warmer weather approaching that would lead to basement cracks and leaks — and floods.

    According to a November 21 CBS News article, more than 30 roof collapses have been reported, mostly in farm and flat-roof buildings, throughout Thursday night.

    And next week’s forecast calls for rain and temperatures around 60 degrees. As a result, that seven-foot layer of snow covering Buffalo will melt at a rate faster than the ground can absorb.

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  • How to Stay Safe When Removing Mold from Your Home

    Home mold inspection

    If your home develops a mold infestation, you’re in for a world of trouble. As the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention detail, toxic mold infestations can cause a number of significant health issues. Some of the most significant black mold health risks include the permanent onset of asthma, chronic upper respiratory infections, and daily allergic reactions. In people who are especially sensitive to mold spores, black mold has been shown to cause death.

    If you find you have a problem with mold following a comprehensive mold inspection, you need to take immediate steps to remedy the problem. With these three simple tips, you can successfully get rid of your mold problem, without putting your health at even greater risk.

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  • Recent Advances in Renewable Energy Solar Panel Mounting and Trackers

    Ballasted mounting

    The emergence of manufacturing and transportation technologies in the Industrial Revolution streamlined production and made it possible to achieve a high level of efficiency. Unfortunately, these technologies also drastically increased society’s need for energy. The top three sources of energy are oil, coal, and nuclear power (U.S. Energy Information Administration). Despite recent advances in identifying renewable energy sources, there has not been widespread implementation of this technology. Solar power accounts for less than 1% of power generated annually in the United States. The best way to encourage utilization of environmentally friendly sources of energy is to Continue Reading

  • Tips and Tricks for Maintaining the Efficiency of Your Outdoor HVAC Unit

    Ductless air conditioner

    As winter approaches and snow falls around your outdoor heating and air conditioning units, it will become even more important to maintain them. HVAC systems placed outdoors can work more efficiently if you take proper measures. Here are a few tips for keeping your outdoor units running efficiently:

    • Clean your outdoor condenser coils regularly. In order to do this, just turn off the unit and hose them down with a heavy-duty degreaser. This will allow your system to be more effective.
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  • Top 3 Reasons to Rent a Loft Apartment

    Philadelphia apartments center city

    Loft apartment for rent a hot commodity in today’s booming real estate and rental markets. So much so that developers simply cannot keep with the demand for new luxury apartments, and are erecting highrises at an astounding rate. Inspired by luxury lofts and apartments in large metropolitan areas, even smaller cities and their suburbs are following suit and jumping on the loft bandwagon. Now more than ever, it’s easy to find lofts for rent.

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  • The Top Three Reasons to Install Vinyl Windows in Your Home

    Vinyl windows company tx

    When you think about installing windows in your home, you might consider yourself with where to put them and what size they ought to be. Window shopping, however, is not like shopping for a new entry door; you must concern yourself with the material the windows will be made of as well. Here are three reasons you should go to a vinyl windows company when you next buy windows:

    1. Appearance

    If there is one thing a vinyl windows company can flaunt, it is the appearance of their stock. Whether they are vinyl sliding windows or picture windows, their vinyl window installations are known to maintain their new look and avoid yellowing and fading. Windows have two functions: to see through and to be seen, so appea Continue Reading

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